Student Blogging Challenge

I thought it was a great experience. I learned how to blog and how be to be safe online. It was worth the time to practice blogging and to be taught how to blog. Other people convinced me to keep blogging and they would check my blog daily. By checking out other people’s blogs I learned what the world is into and what is going on. People posted how to be green and don’t waste.


I interviewed my friend who is I asked him some questions that Mrs. W said to ask someone. He read my blog then I asked him some questions and these were the results.
Me: What were your first impressions of my blog? WOW, good posts and cool widgets and very organized

What captured your attention? Your Header, Blog Avatar, and Pikachu drawing

What distracted you on the blog? Just your widgets

What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? add more pictures to your posts

Cool Blogs

Some of these blogs have good links to widgets that you can add to your blog, Like Epro’s.These blogs have Poetry and interesting stuff about themselves. One of these blogs they show pictures of them doing their favorite things.Hallie talked about what she thinks and her opinions for example, she talked about having possession of cell phones in class.

Something I have learned outside of School
Expect everyone to be crazy. My grandpa and my dad tell me that all time time. What it means is if you are driving expect anyone driving around you to not be a good driver. If you are at an intersection and you are moving forward, expect the people around you to run into you. So that means you should be cautious.


Since this week on the we were told to be creative. I tried to draw. I went on a website called I teaches you how to draw your favorite cartoon characters. I drew Pikachu with a lightsabor and a lightning bolt. This website teaches you step by step how to draw. It goes from Begginer-intermediate-Advanced.

Technology Has Changed The Way We Work and Learn

Technology has changed the way we work. We now type on computers instead of using type writers or paper. instead of using a dictionary we now go online to fine the word’s definition. Our teachers at our school use to give us points for having good behavior. They also use smart boards instead of white boards or chalkboards to write down notes for us to type.

Other jobs such as an real estate agent use IPads for maps and directions. Clerks at the grocery store use computers add up the price and scan the food that the customer got. Kids also use computers and IPads for education. Technology has changed they way we learn and work.

Volleyball and Injury

I have recently been injured right before the season started. I strained a tendon so it hurts to move around. My tendons got really tight so when I jumped a lot of pressure went on them, then a couple of my tendons snapped. I now have to go to physical therapy 3 times a week for 3 weeks. I have to stretch and ice it every morning and night. I a not allowed to Jump or play sports that involve cutting.

I have joined a volleyball team. We are looking good for a first practice. I will most likely will be playing front considering how tall I am and I can get my hands over the net without jumping. When I am able to jump I will be the main hitter on our team. I can do a jump serve because I have practiced so much but I still have to recover from my injury in order to do that.

Racism This is the week 4 student blogging challenge.

Racism is a problem that needs to be solved. To many people make fun of different races because it either makes them feel better about themselves or they like to see the reaction of the person. Being racist is worse than hurting someone physically. Emotional pain can cause someone to feel upset about themselves. If you abuse them too much they could commit suicide.

There is no difference between different races. The only difference is skin color. Being racist is a global thing., it happens everywhere, all the time. If you say something racist to a person some people will take action. Others don’t like racism either, even if they aren’t the one getting  picked on.

If you were getting made fun of you wouldn’t like it. You would feel bad about yourself and think you are different. A scripture says in the bible, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” Other races have the same rights as we do. Back then white people were really mean to the black people. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for the black people and got the rights they deserved.

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) learned about racism and the effects it has on people. tells everything you need to know about racism. Check out their website for videos and more. also talks about racism. They talk about the human rights and how we can help. We can help says the site by stopping people from saying racist things and not do it ourselves.

I learned how bad and brutal being racist can be. I learned how racism started, it started by people trying to make themselves look better or put themselves above others. It also started by people who thought of one little difference as a big difference. You can also learn what I learned by looking more into racism.



Volleyball is my favorite sport. My brothers and I play volleyball after school all the time with friends. We have a net that we set up so we can play games against each other. We mainly play best of five. Most people don’t like volleyball because the form is tricky or it hurts their arms. If a sport is hard you don’t give up, you have to try to get better to make the game fun. I don’t have a specific position, but I am good at hitting. (spiking) I like to go and watch USC play volleyball at the Galen Center or go to my older brother’s games at his high school to watch and learn new techniques. I also like it because it takes height. I am pretty tall for my age so when I play against others my age I can block them or spike over them.